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Commanders Intent

I have gotten a lot of questions derived from my recent presentation / explanation of the military term 'Commanders Intent' and how it applies or should apply in the corporate world. This video does a great job providing an example.
To recap, one of the best aspects of military leadership is the idea of Commanders Intent. In many situations a team member may be forced to face circumstances that have not been specifically addressed in previous training or discussions. Mission success then requires them to have a broad understanding (and a believing in) the big picture. This 2 minute video is from a speech a commanding officer delivered to a Company about to be dropped relatively deep into enemy territory.
Make sure your team has a clear purpose and an understanding of your (commanders) intentions.

Heineken - The Candidate

Now we´re talking. This is a REAL selection process.

Why Top Young Managers Are in a Nonstop Job Hunt

Great article in the Harvard Business Review about why companies need to spend time and money in management training and development as a complement to on-the-job or technical skills training. Daimler Trucks is on the right track, my friends.


Culture Matters!

Another vintage Jack Welch moment. Culture matters as much or more than numbers. Reward behaviors and performance. Remember, performance without the right behaviors is not sustainable in the long run.


Finance: What Managers Need To Know

Great crash course by Joe Knight on basic financial knowledge for managers, engineers, etc. - in short, non-financial people. Especially liked his view on the importance of the cash-flow statement. Remember: cash-in must exceed cash-out!