Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero: Action-Based Email
Watch Merlin Mann's original and famous presentation. Also, take the time to watch the video of his presentation on the web or in the Presentation Skills tab on my website. This stuff is priceless for any Manager!
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Marketing and Innovation

The purpose of a business is to create a customer according to Peter Drucker and Peter Drucker is always right. Check out this video and listen to Jack Trout. There are only two functions in business that create customers - Marketing and Innovation. Everything else is a cost center.

That, by the way, is also Thomas Friedman's message to the United States of America. The USA won the IT (Information Technology) revolution. Unless they can now win the ET (Environmental Technology) revolution, all is lost. The first country to invent clean, cheap and renewable energy, won't have to worry about its economic future. Check out the article and video clip in FastCompany. I guess it all boils down to "Innovate or Die".


My IT Mantra

Simplify, Standardize, Automate


Most IT projects fail because the first two steps were never taken. Smart IT Managers know that. That's why they get frustrated with users, normally after they get blamed for the failed project. You know what? They are right.

Take the time to simplify and standardize, folks. Then automate the hell out of it.


Steve Jobs On Managing People.

Great advice by Steve Jobs on how to manage people:
1. Organize like a start-up.
2. Let the best ideas win i.e. hierarchy of ideas, not levels of management.

Don't Hope For Rain!

Strategy and culture: two words commonly overused and and underdeveloped. Great (and short) article by Ric Willmot. Must read for every Manager.